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         Double room     500,- Dkr. a night


         Single room      300,- Dkr. a night




         Can the whole house be rented


Yes it can. Large families or travelling groups, whi wish to spend som days in private, can rent the whole house.     


          Rent the house     4500,- Dkr. a night

                                       Max. 24 persons!





I In the summer house in Fßmjin, the two floors shall be viewed as a flat, possible to rent for itself. It is also possible to rent the whole house.


      Pr. flat/floor            800,- Dkr. a night

        The whole house  1600,- Dkr. a night



Feel free to contact us about anything on the numbers below.

Gistingarh˙si­ Undir Heygnum


FO-800 Tv°royri

Tel. +298 37 20 46 / +298 37 14 46

Payphone: +298 37 26 46

Fax: +298 37 24 46